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How do I install the Hombli Smart Doorbell?

Read our instruction guide to learn how you can install the Hombli Smart Doorbell.

I am unable to set up a connection between my network and the Hombli Smart Doorbell

There are two ways to make a connection between a Hombli device and your home network:

  1. Manual
  2. Auto Scan

1. Manual

  1. Connect your phone to your 2.4GHz WiFi network. 5GHz Wi-Fi networks are not supported.
  2. Tap in the Hombli app on the green plus symbol to add a device
  3. Choose at the top of the screen for manually add, this is selected by default
  4. Choose the Hombli Smart Doorbell in the category “cameras”
  5. Tap on continue when the doorbell repeatedly flashes as shown on the screen.
  6. If the doorbell does not flash as shown in the screen, press on “help” for instructions to reset the doorbell

2. Auto Scan

  1. Connect your phone to your 2.4GHz WiFi network. 5GHz Wi-Fi networks are not supported
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth
  3. Turn on the location services of your phone and give the Hombli app access to your location.
  4. Tap the green plus symbol in the Hombli app to add a device.
  5. Select the top of the screen for an auto scan. The Hombli app will search all available devices and add


How do I reset the Hombli Smart Doorbell?

The Hombli Smart Doorbell can be reset with the reset button on the backside of the device. If you pull the waterproof seal loose, you will see the reset button in the middle:

Press and hold the reset button for five seconds and the doorbell will reset itself. When the indicator light will flicker red light you can add the doorbell again to the Hombli App.


My Hombli Smart Doorbell shows that it is already connected to another account

To prevent the doorbell from being misused in case of theft, the doorbell stays always connected to the users account.

A new user cannot connect a new user account. If the device was previously connected to a different account that you don’t have access to, you must remove it first from the Hombli app, before it can be added again. If the doorbell was not previously added to your account, you can tap the link to request to disconnect the device.

How do you charge the Hombli Smart Doorbell battery and how long is the charging time?

The Hombli Smart Doorbell can be charged through the Micro USB-port on the back. To charge the doorbell, you must loosen the screw that fixes the doorbell to the wall, so the doorbell can be temporarily taken inside to be charged with the included micro USB cable.

An empty battery is fully charged within four hours.

How long does the Hombli Smart Doorbell battery last?

It depends on the circumstances how long the Hombli Smart Doorbell battery lasts before it needs to be recharged again. Based on 10 events (motion detection or ring) per day, when recording 10 sec clips that is, the battery need to be recharged after approximately one month. If there are fewer events the battery will last much longer.

Is it possible to adjust the recording to a limited zone or does it record everything within a fixed zone?

It is currently not yet possible to set specific areas to record, but we are constantly improving the Hombli app with new features. It is possible to set the motion detection sensitivity on: Off, Low, Medium and High.

How theft-proof is the Hombli Smart Doorbell? Can a thief do something with it after it has been stolen?

If the doorbell is stolen, the thief can’t do anything with it. The doorbell is linked (in the cloud) to the person who added the device to the Hombli app. When someone resets the doorbell and attempts to add the device to the Hombli app a notification will appear that the doorbell is already linked and must first be disconnected by the original owner.

The thief can contact us and request to disconnect the product from the original owner, but in this case we have his contacts and if necessary we can take steps to return the Smart Doorbell to the original owner.

Is the data on the microSD card encrypted?

Yes, your privacy is our top priority. The video footages are therefore only visible through the Hombli app, when the memory card is in the doorbell. It is not possible to view the footage from the memory card on a computer. It is possible to export images to the internal storage of your phone and those images can of course freely be shared with other devices.

How long is the delay when someone rings the doorbell, receive notifications, pick up and respond?

This is highly dependent on the network in which the doorbell and the phone are connected to. The better the signal to the WiFi router, the faster the image appears on the phone. In practice, it takes about 3 seconds from ringing the doorbell to opening the video stream. In most cases this is still faster than getting up from the couch and walk to the front door to open it. For the person who rings the doorbell it will not take “too long”. Notifications you will receive almost instantly on your phone.

Can the Hombli Smart Doorbell recognize people and show who is at the door via a notification?

At the moment this is not yet possible. We are developing this feature and hope to add it as soon as possible to the Hombli app with an update.

How do I adjust the volume of the Hombli Smart Doorbell?

This is feature not available yet, but it will be an option in the Hombli app in the future.

The volume of the Hombli Smart Doorbell Chime can be customized by pressing the volume button repeatedly. The Chime then changes between the four volume positions and will memorize the selected volume level, even when it is unplugged from a power outlet.

How can I stream videos from my doorbell to Google Nest Hub, Chromecast device or Alexa Echo Show?

To stream video footage from the Smart Doorbell to third party services from Google or Amazon, you need to share your device ID with us to gain access to this service. This way we can manually setup this feature for your device.

Click here for instructions on finding your Device ID.


How to install Hombli Smart Doorbell firmware update 1.3.6

A new firmware update is ready for the Hombli Smart Doorbell, firmware version 1.3.6! This update allows you to store images from the Doorbell in the Cloud. This gives you multiple options for saving images:

  • In the app, snapshots are saved for motion alerts, and when someone rings the bell
  • Video images, locally on a Micro SD card
  • Video images, in the cloud

A number of bug fixes have also been made. If you have previously experienced problems when using the Doorbell, they will hopefully be solved after updating. If problems persist, or should new problems arise, please let us know: support@hombli.com. We will do everything we can to fix these problems with the next firmware update!

In most cases, the update will be completed within a few minutes, but if it unexpectedly takes longer than these few minutes, you can complete it manually with the following steps:

  1. Wait until you get a notification from the app that an update is ready and confirm that you want to perform it.
  2. Let the update run for a few minutes and then go back to the main screen of the Hombli app. You do not have to wait for the update itself to be ready.
  3. Clear your cache in your account settings in the Hombli app.
  4. Close the app completely and restart it.
  5. In the main screen of the app, you can refresh the settings by pulling down the screen.

After this, your firmware version of the Hombli Smart Doorbell should be updated and be at version 1.3.6. You can check this by tapping the pencil in the top right corner of the Doorbell, or by tapping the three dots (depending on your phone model). You will then enter the settings of your Doorbell, at the bottom you will find the firmware information.

We hope to have explained the process clearly, but should you encounter any problems, we would love to hear from you at support@hombli.com to help you out!

Does this device supports cloud storage?

Yes! With a Hombli Cloud Storage subscription, you can view event recordings from the past 7 days in the Hombli app. You can add a subscription to your device directly in the app. Subscriptions start at just €3.49 per month!

Learn more about Hombli Cloud Storage

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