About Us

We live in a fast-paced world. Minds are buzzing, feet keep running and time is flying. Being zen and relaxed is a challenge. But not impossible. Our goal is to make sure you feel happy on a daily basis, without too much stress or worries. In other words, we want you to live a carefree life.

Boost your well-being

We believe the quickest road to a carefree life is improving your well-being. On different levels. We help to make that easier for you through simple smart home solutions. We believe in the power of simplicity. ‘Simple home’ over ‘Smart home’. We give simple solutions, not smart techniques.


Home security and automatic routines for ease of mind.


Fresh air and natural lighting to stay fit.


Cameras and smart doorbells to connect with family, pets and friends.

Easy to use

All you need is your smartphone, our Hombli app and WiFi network to install and control your gadgets.

One app, full control

The free Hombli app allows you to control all your Hombli devices with just a single app. Easily control devices from anywhere, create schedules and set up home automation.

Hombli allows a privacy compliant smart home experience

Safety first

Your home is your safe haven. We respect that, so we make sure your Hombli device is always privacy-proof. Learn more here.

Google, Alexa and Siri

Using different brands? No problem, Hombli works seamlessly together with other devices through Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.