Our commitment to your privacy

We realize that we are a guest in your home, and we appreciate that. After all, you decide who gets in and what happens there. So we can understand that you might have some questions and concerns about our connected devices. “What happens to my data? Is it sold to anyone? Do I have the power to remove or delete it?”

We do everything in our power to protect your privacy

This means…

  • all data traffic from your Hombli lights, socket, camera and other products to our servers (the cloud) is 100% encrypted.
  • It will always be stored, used and deleted in accordance to the GDPR directive. Your data is always stored anonymously and linked to a user code only known in the app of the user. This way you have the power to control the devices yourself while we’re not in the position to use the data for marketing or other purposes.
  • We empower you to remove your data at all times and will never sell personal information to anyone. Ever.

Benefits of the Hombli cloud

Using the cloud has great benefits that you only have when data is being stored online.

  • Devices can be controlled from anywhere in the world with your smartphone
  • You can easily connect them to other web-services like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
  • The risk of hacking is reduced as your data is secured by Amazon Web Services (the No. 1 security guard in the world)

How does encryption work?

When you give your Hombli device a task with your smartphone, the task will be encrypted as soon as you send it. As a consequence, it’s impossible for anyone to read the data. Only your smartphone and devices have the ‘key’ to unlock the code. As soon as your device receives the task, it uses the key to unlock and read (and to carry out the task of course). The same process applies to two devices that work together, whether they’re both Hombli devices or from different brands.

In the end we want you, your family and your guests to always feel comfortable using Hombli devices and services. It’s the only way how we can truly fulfill our purpose to help improve your well-being. But we know it takes time to trust. By doing our work with discretion and putting your safety above anything else, we hope to deserve and earn yours.

If you have any questions or concerns left after reading this page, please contact us at [email protected]. Our specialists are happy to help and will get back to you within 48 hours.

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