July 22, 2021

The era of the Smart Filament Bulb

The beautiful vintage look of a regular filament bulb, but just as affordable and energy-efficient as LED lights. That’s the Smart Filament Bulb in a nutshell. But where does the traditional version actually come from? And in what ways can you use the Smart Filament Bulb – also called a LED filament lamp – that you can’t with a traditional light bulb? We’re about to tell you!

Thomas Edison’s perfect design

The advent of the light bulb has completely changed the world we live in. Until this day it’s a mystery who the true inventor of this revolutionary product is, yet Thomas Edison is often credited as the inventor of the classic light bulb. Which isn’t entirely unjustified. Despite the fact that the vintage light bulb had been around for some time, it was Thomas Edison who perfected its design in 1879 and managed to sell it to the masses. 

Traditional lightbulb

Popular lighting

The light bulb was extremely popular because of its stylish look. An “Edison lamp” as it is also called was a real eye-catcher in the interior. Unfortunately, the traditional light bulb had one major drawback: energy consumption. Due to its extremely high energy consumption, the sale of the vintage light bulb had been prohibited in the European Union since 2012. A pity, but at the same time: the light bulb wasn’t very affordable. You could feel the difference between LED lights and Filament Bulbs in your wallet. 

The filament light bulb in 2021

Since 2012 technology has much improved. Nowadays there’s a good and affordable replacement for the traditional Edison bulb: the LED filament lamp! This modern lamp consumes a fraction of the energy compared to Thomas Edison’s original model. LED lights also last a lot longer than traditional classic light bulbs. 

Does Hombli have Smart Filament Bulbs?

Smart retro looking Edison light bulbs LED Filament bulbs from Hombli

Yes we have! The LED filament lights did not go unnoticed. This month we launched the Hombli Smart Filament Bulb as part of our product range and it’s available in two different colours: Smokey and Amber. Feel free to take a look and compare them on our product page

The smart lights have different useful features: you can easily turn them on-and-off and dim them with your smartphone. Or you can change the color shade, depending on what time a day it is and what mood you are in. For example, let your smart filament bulbs give off a nice white light during the day and warm cozy vibes in the evening. You wouldn’t be able to distinguish your smart bulb from a traditional light bulb!

More energy-efficient, intelligent and affordable

The traditional light bulb continues to renew and improve itself in modern form, staying in tune with Thomas Edisons’ motto: “Talent is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Through the hard work of many developers and inventors, 140 years after Edison’s original model, we have a lamp that is more energy-efficient, smart and affordable than ever!