August 20, 2021

Activate new functions for Smart Bulbs

With rhythms you can now automate your Hombli Smart lights even easier. It’s now possible to setup your lights to automatically change the color temperature and brightness over the day. So now you can have a bulb which changes from clear and bright light during the day to warm soft light in the evening. It is now for instance also possible to use your lamp as a wake-up alarm with the morning rhythm.

Which bulbs are getting the new feature?

All Hombli bulbs and spots produced after 2020 get this new rhythm functionality. So, it is possible that your lamp gets this feature as well! You can check this with the product code on the device.

Device Code
Bulb filament HBEB-0129-V2
Bulb E14 – RGB & CCT HBES-0124
Bulb CCT HBEB-0125
Bulb RGB HBEB-0224
Spot CCT HBGB-0225-V2 Spot CCT
Spot RGB & CCT HBGB-0224-V2 Spot
Filament Amber A60 HBEB-0112 Amber A60
Filament Amber  ST64 HBEB-0212 Amber ST64
Filament Amber  G95 HBEB-0312 Amber G95
Filament  Smokey ST64 HBEB-0211 Smokey ST64
Filament  Smokey G95 HBEB-0311 Smokey G95

How to activate the rhythm feature?

The rhythms are directly visible in the app. However, to use them you first need to reset the bulb. To reset the bulb, please remove it from the app, and add the bulb again:

    1. Open the Hombli app and click on the green plus icon in the right top corner.
    2. Select the bulb that you want to add from the list.
    3. Turn the bulb on-off-on-off-on (with a switch).
    4. The bulb should be flashing quickly, this means it has been reset and will reconnect with the app.
    5. When the bulb is added to the app, you can find the new rhythms by opening the device in the app and clicking on ‘more’ at the bottom of the screen.

You are now ready to use the five new rhythm functions in the app:


With the Biorhythm function, the lamp changes color-temperature during the day.
How to set-up >

Morning rhythm

With this function the lamp can turn on slowly in the morning to wake you up gently.

Night rhythm

Night rhythm is the reverse of morning rhythm; slowly turning off the light at night.

Random rhythm

This is ideal for holidays: the lamps will turn on-and-off randomly, so it looks like someone is home.

Cycle rhythm

This combines night rhythm with morning rhythm; slowly turning on and then slowly turning off.