December 17, 2021

Have yourself a healthy holiday, the Smart way

Staying healthy is always important, but around the holidays we tend to shift our focus: spending time with our loved ones, eating lots and lots of food, and unwrapping our Christmas presents. All of this takes our attention away, and understandably so. However, we believe you can stay healthy, while still enjoying the holidays to fullest. You just have to automate it. Here are some suggestions.

Reducing virus particles

Having guests over during the holidays? Avoid virus spreading, as the Smart Air Purifier turns on automatically when guests arrive and pass the Smart Motion Sensor.

Motion detected

Turn Air Purifier on

Christmas dinner

Everyone loves a Christmas dinner, but nobody loves the smell it leaves behind. Let the Smart Air Purifier get rid of bad smells when you turn on the grill or fondue.

At 18:00

Turn Air Purifier on

Burning fireplace

The best time to start a fire in the fireplace is during the holidays. The fire can unfortunately lower the quality of the air. The Smart Air Purifier can automatically detect if the air quality is low with a log burning in the fireplace.

Bad air quality

Purifier mode high

Natural light

Working from home leading up to the Holiday weekend? The Biorhythm function of our Smart Filament Bulbs mimics the natural daylight cycle.

On weekdays

Wake up for Christmas

Wake up fresh on Christmas day with the morning rhythms of our Smart Filament Bulbs. This rhythm will slowly increase the brightness of the lights over a specified time, so you wake up in a natural way.


Check out all these Hombli products and more in our special Winter Holiday price at our online store! If you already have these products at home and you can use some help to set up these Smart Scenarios, you can read our blogposts on setting up a Smart Scenario in a Step-by-Step Guide. Happy Holidays!