July 19, 2021

Eye-catching smart lights that brighten up your home

Every Hombli user knows a smart light bulb is much more than ‘just’ a bulb with extra features. A smart light bulb is the perfect attribute to influence the atmosphere in a room and make your home more comfortable. These benefits have led to a stream of positive feedback from our customers. But sometimes you’re looking for more than just functional lights. Sometimes you want special ones, you want them to look good and stylish in your interior. That’s why we proudly present to you: the Hombli Smart Filament Bulbs!

Two spectacular colors

Our newest good-looking classic light bulbs come in two different styles: Amber-filament and Smokey-filament. The Amber-filament lights are covered in an orange-yellow coating which gives them a nice warm appearance, even when the lights are switched off. The Smokey filament lights on the other hand have a cool, modern look thanks to the grey coating that is applied to the lights.

The appearance of a traditional light bulb

The spirals or strips inside of the smart light bulbs provide for the actual lighting, making it seem like it’s a traditional light bulb. Although the Smart Filament Bulbs look almost the same as the classic Edison light bulb, from the inside they are completely different. Hundreds of tiny LEDs are mounted on the ‘glowplug’, the part that radiates light. That’s why the Hombli filament lights are way more energy-efficient than the traditional ones!

Edit the color temperature and brightness with the Hombli app

Both functional and stylish

The Hombli Smart Filament lights are not only very good-looking, but also functional with different features that make your life easier. You control the Smart Filament Bulbs in the same app that you already use for the Hombli doorbell, cameras, plugs, and of course lights. In the app, you can easily dim the light bulbs and turn them on and off in no time. Even if you are at the office, or on a holiday abroad. By turning your lights on when you’re away you can pretend someone is at home, putting potential burglars on the wrong track.

Another option is to adjust the color tone. Set your lights up to give a nice bright light during the day and radiate a cozy warm flow in the evening. Not only does this look good, but it’s also better for your health.

Which smart filament bulb is your favorite?

We hope you’ve become as excited as we are about the new Hombli Smart Filament Bulbs and we wish you the best of luck in choosing your favorite. Will it be Smokey or Amber? We’re very curious. You can view and compare the different light bulbs in our webshop. Enjoy!