Smart Doorbell Black

See who is at the door from your smartphone and answer directly.

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  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Live view
  • Night Vision (3m)
  • 160° Wide Angle View
  • Two-Way Audio
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Local microSD storage up to 128GB
  • Optional Cloud service
  • Easy installation

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See who’s at your door

See, hear and talk with visitors at the door through the 2-way Audio feature in the Hombli app on your smartphone. Ask the parcel deliverer to deliver the package to your neighbors for example, while being at the office.

Check in on your home anytime!

Easily control, monitor, and set specific time schedules for your smart camera. With the Hombli app you can do this from anywhere with your smartphone.

Feel safe with motion detection alerts

Your Hombli device will send you a notification as soon as it detects movement. Including a screenshot, so you immediately see what’s going on. Even in the dark, thanks to infrared night vision.

Your privacy is our top priority

Your privacy is our top priority. Recorded images get stored safely on an SD card or in the cloud (optional paid service). Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, where standards are extremely high when it comes to privacy regulation. In other words, your data is always encrypted and available for your eyes only.

Watch all your footage back in the cloud

Want to watch videos back in your own time? With a Hombli Cloud Storage subscription for only € 3,49 a month, you never have to worry whether you have enough storage for your video images. Watch the recordings back up to 7 days and never miss a moment.

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Hear the doorbell from anywhere in your home

Do you prefer hearing an old-fashioned doorbell next to getting notifications on your phone? In case your phone isn’t nearby or the battery dies? Connect the smart doorbell with one or more Hombli chimes and you’ll hear the doorbell from anywhere in your home.


How can I stream videos from my doorbell to Google Nest Hub, Chromecast device or Echo Show?

To stream video footage from the Smart Doorbell to third party services from Google or Amazon, you need to share your device ID with us to gain access to this service. This way we can manually set up this feature for your device. Click here for instructions on finding your Device ID or immediately share it here.  

How do you charge the Hombli Smart Doorbell battery and how long is the charging time?

The Hombli Smart Doorbell can be charged through the Micro USB-port on the back. To charge the doorbell, you must loosen the screw that fixes the doorbell to the wall, so the doorbell can be temporarily taken inside to be charged with the included micro USB cable. An empty battery is fully charged within four hours.

Can the Hombli Smart Doorbell recognize people and show who is at the door via a notification?

At the moment this is not yet possible. We are developing this feature and hope to add it as soon as possible to the Hombli app with an update.

How long does the Hombli Smart Doorbell battery last?

It depends on the circumstances how long the Hombli Smart Doorbell battery lasts before it needs to be recharged again. Based on 10 events (motion detection or ring) per day, when recording 10 sec clips that is, the battery need to be recharged after approximately one month. If there are fewer events the battery will last much longer.

How theft-proof is the Hombli Smart Doorbell? Can a thief do something with it after it has been stolen?

If the doorbell is stolen, the thief can’t do anything with it. The doorbell is linked (in the cloud) to the person who added the device to the Hombli app. When someone resets the doorbell and attempts to add the device to the Hombli app a notification will appear that the doorbell is already linked and must first be disconnected by the original owner. The thief can contact us and request to disconnect the product from the original owner, but in this case we have his contacts and if necessary we can take steps to return the Smart Doorbell to the original owner.