June 26, 2023

The Ultimate Checklist to Prepare Your House for a Summer Holiday

Planning a summer holiday is exciting, but it’s important to ensure that your house remains safe and secure while you’re away. With smart home technology, you now have the opportunity to utilize innovative products that enhance home safety, promote energy savings, and provide remote monitoring capabilities for your house, regardless of your location in the world. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive checklist to prepare your house for a summer vacation, incorporating smart home solutions for peace of mind throughout your trip.

1. Disconnect electric devices

Disconnect your devices from the power socket to conserve energy, including the fridge, tv, computer, and such. With a smart plug, you can effortlessly control their operation from your phone and measure their energy consumption. This way, you can measure the savings achieved by unplugging them during your holiday.

2. Take precautions against fires

nsure all electronic devices are switched off. For added security, consider using a smart plug. Moreover, with a smart smoke detector, you’ll receive notifications if any smoke is detected during a fire outbreak while you’re away, allowing you to promptly inform others.

3. Adjust the thermostat downwards

Most central heating systems/boilers enable temperature adjustments. Since you won’t require hot water while on vacation, it’s advisable to lower the temperature. You can also set smart radiator valves to ‘away’ mode, maintaining the temperature above 16 degrees and disregarding the programmed settings. This ensures the house stays warm without excessive heating or temperature drops.

4. Utilize timers for your lights.

During the holiday season, burglars often scout residential areas for unoccupied houses. The strategic use of lights turning on and off creates the impression that someone is present. Hombli smart bulbs offer a unique random schedule feature, illuminating your home at random intervals within a specified period. This effectively gives the illusion of occupancy.

5. Check your security

Perhaps the most important benefit of having a smart Indoor Camera or Outdoor Camera is the peace of mind it brings. You can enjoy your vacation with the assurance that your home is being monitored and any suspicious activity will be detected and recorded.

6. Ensure your plants are adequately watered

If you have indoor plants or a garden, it is vital to ensure their well-being while you’re away. Neglecting their care increases the risk of break-ins, particularly if you typically maintain an immaculate property. Such disarray serves as a clear signal to burglars that your home is unattended. Seek assistance from a friend to water the plants or consider using a smart water controller for added convenience. For further insights, explore 3 smart gardening tips from Hombli.

7.  Secure your premises by closing windows and doors

Before departing, verify that all windows and exterior doors are properly shut. For an extra layer of protection, smart contact sensors can be installed at these access points, instantly notifying you on your phone if any entry is attempted.

8. Arrange for the collection of your mail

Entrust a friend or a reliable neighbor to regularly gather your mail, preventing it from piling up. With a smart doorbell, you can even remotely communicate with delivery personnel, instructing them to leave packages with a neighbor.

9. Empty your refrigerator, trash bins, and laundry basket.

To stop the growth of mold, it is advisable to empty the contents of your fridge, bins, and laundry basket before starting your journey. Returning home to a fridge full of moldy and putrid food is an unpleasant scenario, not to mention the effort required to eliminate the odorous aftermath. Prioritize checking expiration dates and discard any perishables or leftovers that won’t survive your absence.

10. Clean your house before leaving.

Coming back to a tidy and organized house after your vacation is immensely satisfying. Take advantage of a smart robot vacuum cleaner, which can even be remotely operated to clean your home while you make your way back.

Enjoy your holiday even more, as the smart devices from Hombli will take care of your homes safety. And come back home rested in a clean and organized house after your holiday!