April 14, 2022

3 tips for smart gardening

From urban jungle to a mini vegetable garden: gardening is back. And no wonder. What’s better than relaxing next to your own beautiful plants and eating home-grown veggies? A hobby to dive into for sure. The only thing is: you need to keep all the greenery alive. This can be a challenge. Fortunately there are many smart ways and systems to maintain your garden!

Tip 1: bottle of water (€ 0,50)

A welcome solution when it’s hit and dry outside. Plants need lots of water during dry periods, especially vegetables like tomato plants and cucumbers. It may seem like a good option to give them a large amount of water once in a while, but unfortunately that’s not very effective. The water will flow away immediately, or your plants will ‘drown’. An effective alternative is to cut a PET bottle in half and stick it in the ground. The water you pour into the bottle will slowly penetrate into the ground, spread over the day. The only downside: it doesn’t work for a longer period of time. So if you’re going on a holiday you’ll need to find another solution.

Tip 2: irrigation system (from € 299)

When your garden is large and requires a lot of maintenance, we recommend to get a professional irrigation system installed. An irrigation system consists of a sprinkler computer which controls each sprinkler individually to make sure no water pressure is lost. Installing and programming the system has to be done by a professional, so it’s quite an investment. Contact your gardener for more info and possibilities.

Tip 3: water controller (€ 79,95)

Maintaining your vegetable garden is not always convenient. Sometimes you have other plans, or you simply forgot about it. And when you’re on a holiday it’s not going to happen anyway… That’s why we’re a big fan of the Hombli Water Controller. This smart home device, controllable with your smartphone, is easily installed to the outdoor tap in your garden or balcony. You don’t need to be nearby to control the controller as it’s connected to your WiFi. So, watering your garden while on a holiday is no issue at all! Program your watering computer in such a way that it automatically switches on for half an hour every evening, for example. All with the same app that you also use to control your other Smart Hombli devices.

What is most suitable for me?

Which solution is the most convenient for you depends very much on your garden and what you are looking for. Do you have a large, or small garden? Are you very busy, or do you have enough time to regularly check on your greens? How important is ‘ease of use’ for you? How much money are you willing to invest?

Explore the Hombli Smart Water Controller

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