April 19, 2022

Smart Garden: Smart Home devices for outside!

Since the beginning of Hombli in 2018 we have been on a mission to make smart home more accessible for everyone. With our smart lights, plugs and cameras, we have already helped thousands of happy customers to make their homes a lot smarter. But now that summer has arrived, people want to use their smart home devices not only indoors, but outdoors as well. Thanks to the new Hombli Smart Outdoor line you don’t need to miss out on the convenience of smart home devices in your garden!

Smart Wall Light

With its sleek and durable aluminium design, the Smart Wall Light can light up any wall and make your house feel like a million-dollar mansion. Create the right atmosphere for an awesome party or turn the light on at night so you can safely enter your home. With 16 million colors to your disposal, we believe you can find right ambiance for any occasion, and easy as well using the Hombli app on your smartphone. After installing the Wall Light, you can even change the angle of the beam inside of the light using the built-in shutters, creating your own custom light spectacle.

Smart Pathway Light

The Smart Pathway Light was created to illuminate any path. With its easy plug and play installation, the Smart Pathway Lights are perfect for your driveway or the gravel path in your backyard. Control the lights as a group or separately using the Hombli app, in almost any color you like. Extend the Starter Kit (which includes 3 Smart Pathway Lights) to a total of 6 Pathway Lights. Additional extension cables give you the possibility to install the lights anywhere you want. If you connect the Pathway Lights to a Smart Bluetooth Bridge, you can also automate the lights using smart scenarios to turn on at night, or change the color when you ask your smart assistant, like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant.

Smart Water Controller

This is one of our favorites. The new Hombli Smart Water Controller is a useful smart home device that you can place between your outside tap and your garden hose. When the easy installation has been done you choose a specific time for your water controller to be activated. For this, you use the same Hombli app as you do for your other smart home devices. Your garden will start to water itself without your interference. When you come back from vacation your garden will look as green as ever. You can also use the Outdoor for fun outdoor water activities like a kid’s water fountain, water sprinkler or an outdoor garden shower! Perfect to cool yourself down during hot summer days!

Smart Outdoor Socket

You might already be familiar with our Smart Socket for inside of your home, yet we also have one for your garden: the Smart Outdoor Socket. This smart plug for outside use is very similar to the plug for indoor use, with one important difference: the outdoor version is splash-proof! This means rain or water from a pool, jacuzzi or pond won’t harm the device. You can use the outdoor socket to:

  • warm up your jacuzzi right before you get home
  • regulate your ‘normal’ outdoor lighting
  • automate your patio heating

If being conscious about money and energy consumption is important to you, the outdoor smart plug provides you with information about the energy consumption which you can check any time in the Hombli app.

Smart Outdoor Light String

The Hombli Smart Outdoor String Light is a trendy string light that you can easily hang in your garden or on the balcony. Because the smart lights in the outdoor string light are splash-proof, you don’t have to take it inside when it rains. The garden light string can easily be turned on and off in the Hombli app, is dimmable and can be extended with an Extension Kit. This makes it possible to provide even a large garden with sufficient atmospheric lighting! Unlike many garden string lights that work on batteries or solar panels, these smart outdoor string lights provide enough light, so they won’t just look nice in your garden, but are very functional as well.

From Smart Home to Smart Garden, we have got you covered. And now that the summer is on it’s way, you can enjoy an even smarter garden. Want to know what makes our smart home devices smart? Read our blog article on the use Bluetooth and WiFi in Hombli products, or check out any of our other blogs.