June 29, 2022

The Best Way to Protect Your Smart Home With Hombli

While relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand, would you want to leave all the worries behind and live the moment? However, you can’t help but think about your home. Is the door locked? What’s your pet doing? Is it safe while you’re away?  

Here’s a simple solution to this: secure your home with Hombli smart devices. However, to get the most safety out of them, there are certain recommendations you can follow. So, let’s see what you can do to make your place burglar-free.

Set automatic light switch

Keeping unwanted visitors away is a lot easier with a motion-detecting indoor camera. You can also pair it with your smart lights to switch on whenever it detects motion. You’ll get a full HD 1080p live streaming on your smartphone with audio. So you’re able to keep an eye on your home from anywhere and at any time.   

If an unwanted guest tries to enter and the lights suddenly turn on, they will frantically leave the place. Moreover, with the two-way audio and a built-in mic and speaker, you can watch over your loved ones and pets while away. You’ll see and hear what they’re doing and even communicate with them through the speaker.

Turn on the light randomly

Yet another security trick is to create an illusion that you’re at home by turning on the light in various rooms at random times. How can you do it from a distance? With Smart Lights, you can use your smartphone to turn them on and off from anywhere. Alternatively, you can also set a scheduled switch at any time of the day. 

With Smart Hombli Bulbs it’s even easier to randomly turn the lights on using the special ‘random rhythm’. This feature allows you to select the days and hours on which the bulb will be activated randomly. What is more, you can adjust the hues and the intensity. Thus, if you dim the light while you’re not around, you still get the same effect but with lower electricity bills.

Safeguard the entrances

If you have a motion-triggered camera on the front door, there might be other ways of getting inside the house without being noticed. For instance, the back door or windows. To keep your home sealed, you can install Smart Contact Sensor. It detects whether a door or a window has been opened and notifies you on your smartphone. 

The Smart Contact Sensor is compatible with lights which means it can automatically switch on if there’s any door or window motion. Besides that, the sensor notifies you when the window is open while raining. This way, even if you’re away for a couple of hours, you still get the most of smart home devices.

Keep an eye through a camera

Lastly, there’s no safer option of knowing your place is intact than seeing it with your own eyes. However, while you’re miles away, the Smart Outdoor Camera could become your vision. Triggered by movements, it immediately sends you a notification, so you know that’s something is going on. 

Moreover, it is 1080p Full HD and has a 90° angle view. It means you can clearly see the details when zoomed in and choose the exact direction you want to monitor. But the cherry on top is that the Smart Outdoor Camera is just as effective in the dark. Its infrared night vision will let you know everything’s safe, even in the pitch dark.

Following even such seemingly simple tips can turn your smart home into a real fortress. So next time you go on holiday or a trip, you can sit back and relax with a cocktail while Hombil’s on a watch.