February 14, 2022

Enjoying Valentine’s Day with the love of your life, the smart way

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day where you and your sweetheart celebrate your love. And whether it’s the first time you enjoy Valentine’s this year, or the 60th, you can always use a little help. We will give you a few last minute tips to spice up this day of love, in the only way we know how: the smart way!

Making an entrance

If your lover is coming over on Valentine’s Day you want to give them an entrance they remember. When they press the button on your Smart Doorbell (also to make sure you don’t surprise the mailman), you can trigger the smart bulbs in your house to guide your loved one to the place you want to lead them to. The perfect way to impress your Valentine.

The garden of love

While it might be cold in the middle of February, your garden can still be the perfect place to celebrate your love. Brew yourself and your loved one a cup of hot cocoa and turn on the Outdoor String Light as soon as you enter your backyard. Don’t underestimate the coziness of a warm ambiance in the late winter.

A dinner together

We tend to get distracted by a lot of different stimuli in our life, first and foremost our smartphones. Just set them to silent and turn on a romantic playlist in the background. If you have filament lighting hanging above your dinner table turn them on ever so slightly, together with a few candles and the mood is set for a lovely dinner.

We hope these smart tips will give you the inspiration you need to enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day with the one you love. For more tips on how to keep the air in your home fresh and clean, read our article here, or check out any of our other blogs.