August 31, 2021

3 tips for cleaner air at home

Most people spend most of the day inside at home, at work or at school. But as you can probably imagine, the air inside is not as fresh as outside. Often this has implications for our health. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve the air quality in your home quickly and easily. We give you 3 easy tips for cleaner air at home!

1. Good ventilation

The fresher the air you breathe, the better you sleep and the better you can focus. So do you feel dull when you wake up? Does it always smell a bit musty at home? If so, there’s a good chance the ventilation in your home is not the best. Especially in older homes this is often the case. But you can easily do something about it by ventilating your house. Open the windows and see what it does. Especially while sleeping, this can greatly improve your concentration and your level of alertness the next day.

2. Purifying plants

The average person absorbs 80% of particulate matter, substance that can be harmful to your health, inside his own home! That has to change. An easy and cheap way to do so is to buy plants. Many plants have an air-purifying effect. If you go to a plant shop you can ask the employee about it, who knows exactly which one you need.

3. Smart Air purifier

Do you really want to purify your indoor air the best way possible and get rid of even the smallest harmful particles such as fine dust, pollen, and bacteria? In that case we recommend for you to look at a Smart Air Purifier. This is a device that removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality.

When purchasing a Smart Air Purifier, make sure that you choose one that contains a good HEPA filter. This filter removes all small air particles. In addition, a good Smart Air Purifier has an active carbon filter that ensures that all kinds of harmful substances are attracted like a magnet.

This were our best tips for you. Now we are curious about yours! How do you ensure that your home or office is a healthy environment? For more smart home health tips, read this article about how light affects your health, and how Hombli can help you!