December 22, 2021

A safe and secure winter, the smart way

Keeping your home safe and secure can seem quite the daunting task. Especially when you just want to relax and enjoy the last days of the year. Luckily we have some examples of Smart Scenarios that will help you set up your smart home security. All fully automated, so you can spend time with your friends and family without any worries.

Dark days

Walking outdoors can be dangerous at night during the winter, especially if the temperature dips below zero. Put Smart Bulbs in your outdoor lights and let them turn on automatically when your Smart Outdoor Camera or Smart Doorbell detects motion to safely walk to your front door.

Motion detected

After sunset

Turn Outdoor lights on

Receiving visitors

Use a Smart Doorbell to see who is standing at your door. You will receive a notification on your smartphone, and you can use your Smart Bulbs to light up when the bell is pressed. You wouldn’t want your visitors to stand in the cold now, would you?

Doorbell pressed

Hallway light on


Secure your house

Turn the lights on when the indoor camera detects motion to warn intruders that your house is protected.

Motion detected

Lights on

Away from home

Burglars know that many people leave their homes during the winter season. Turn your Smart Lights on randomly, so thieves may skip your house thinking you are home.

During holiday

Activate Random Rhythm


An open window or door during a storm can cause a lot of damage. Get an automated notification when a Smart Contact Sensor detects an open window or door when it rains or snows.


Window open

Intruder alert

Receive a notification on your smartphone when your Smart Contact Sensor detects a door or window has been opened. No one can enter your house without you being aware.

Not at home

Door open



Now you know how to get your home safe and secure, you can find all the Hombli products you need at our online store for a special Winter Holiday price. Do you happen to already have these products at home and need help to set up the Smart Scenarios we discussed? Read the Step-by-Step Guide in our blogposts to learn how. Happy Holidays!

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