Smart Switch

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Smart Switch

  • Control via your smartphone
  • Installation between electrical wiring
  • Overload protection
  • Set timers and schedules
  • Voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
  • 90- 250V / up to 2200W max / up to 10A max

GDPR Compliant

We respect your privacy and only use data that is required to deliver the best smart home experience to you. Hombli is powered by Tuya Smart and follows international standards for privacy protocols, information security and identity protection.

Full Control With One App

Remotely check if home electronics are left on by accident and turn them off from anywhere via the free Hombli app. Leave your home worry-free!

Requires Technical Knowledge

To install the Smart Switch you’ll need basic electrical wiring knowledge and tools like a screwdriver, wire stripper and voltage checker.

Control the smart security camera from anywhere

Control From Anywhere

Whether you’re at home or away, you can control, monitor and schedule your home from anywhere in the world via the free Hombli app.

"Alexa, turn on the coffee-maker!"

Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Siri for hands-free voice commands. Use your voice to turn on the coffee maker when you wake up in the morning or create a group with multiple home appliances and control them all with a single voice command.

Just A Single Tap...

Set your Smart Switch to automatically operate to specific conditions like time, sunset/sunrise, wheater or custom events.

You can even combine multiple smart home devices and control them with a single tap or voice command.

Where to buy: