Hombli Smart Smoke Detector

Feel safe and secure at home with the Hombli Smart Smoke Detector.

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  • Get notified from anywhere through the Hombli app
  • Available in white and grey
  • Easily mute false alarms with your phone
  • 10-year battery life
  • Ultra slim design
  • Easy installation with magnetic mount

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Always be aware of the alarm going off

The loud alarm and instant notification on your phone will notify you when smoke is detected, wherever you are. If you are away from home, you can send help and check if everyone is safe. The app also shows clear instructions about what to do in order to stay safe in case of a fire.

Easily mute false alarms

With the mute function in the app, you can quickly turn off the alarm after you have checked that there is no fire. If you have a high ceiling that you cannot reach, this will save you a lot of trouble. The smoke detector will reset automatically 10 minutes after you have activated the mute function.

Stylish ultra slim design

The Smart Smoke Detector has a minimalistic design that fits to any modern interior. Besides the standard white version, it is also available in grey, to match ceilings in all sorts of styles and colors. The whole front functions as a big button with which you can pair the device and mute the alarm.

Easy installation

The magnetic mount lets you install the smoke detector in seconds. Just stick the magnet to the ceiling by using the included 3M tape or by using a single screw. The magnetic mount makes regular maintenance, cleaning and removing dust, much easier because you can just grab the Smart Smoke Detector without the use of any tools. All you need to do after the installation, is to connect the device to the Wi-Fi network and add it to the Hombli app.

10 year battery life

The Smart Smoke Detector will test the battery and sensor weekly to make sure everything is working correctly. When something is wrong it will immediately send you a notification explaining what to do. The internal batteries will last 10 years. You can always check the current battery status in the app.

Better together

All Hombli devices work seamlessly together in one single app. This means that they work together to make your house smarter and safer. Smart scenarios make it possible to turn on your Hombli smart bulbs automatically when smoke is detected so you can safely evacuate your house when it is dark at night. You can also check with Hombli cameras what’s going on when smoke is detected and you’re not at home.

Your privacy is our top priority

We highly respect your privacy and do everything in our power to protect it. Our Cloud servers are secured by Amazon and located in Frankfurt, Germany, where privacy standards are very high. Your data will always be stored, used, and deleted in accordance with the GDPR directive and is available for your eyes only.


How do I test the alarm?

The Smart Smoke Detector will automatically test the sensor and batteries every week. You can also test the Smoke Detector manually by pressing the button of the Smart Smoke Detector. The longer you hold it, the louder the alarm gets. The alarm stops after you let go of the button or if you keep holding it for 9 seconds. In the Hombli app you can see a log of all test results of the Smart Smoke Detector.

Can I connect multiple Smart Smoke Detectors to each other?

You can add as many devices to the Hombli app as you want. However, the Smart Smoke Detectors cannot be linked to each other.

Can I replace the battery after 10 years?

No. After 10 years, a smoke alarm will become less reliable because sensors degrade over time mainly due to dust build up. Therefore, the whole device should be replaced.

Is this smoke detector compliant with the mandatory rules?

The Hombli Smart Smoke Detector is compliant with the European standard EN14604. There are two different types of smoke detectors in general use: ionization and photoelectric. Ionized smoke detectors are banned in some EU countries (Germany, France and more). The Hombli Smart Smoke Detector is of the photoelectric type.

What will happen when the Smart Smoke Detector detects smoke?

If the Smart Smoke Detectors detects smoke, you will hear a loud alarm of >_ 85dB. You also get a notification via the Hombli app.

Can I share my device with other people?

Yes, you can share the device with other people with an Hombli account. It is possible to share one individual device with anyone, or add people to your family to give them access to all devices within one family.

Can I paint the Smart Smoke Detector?

No, smoke detectors should not be paint. To match your ceiling and style, we sell both a white and a grey version.