Pan and Tilt Cam 2K

If you need to be certain of what you see, look no further! With the Hombli Pan & Tilt Cam 2K you can exactly look where you want and get a clear view in 2K. The camera can react to set triggers from other sensors and will track motion, all the while recording and notifying you when something is happening.

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  • 2K QHD image quality (2560x1440)
  • Infrared and Colored Night Vision
  • Human shape tracking
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Alarm and Floodlight
  • 2-Way audio
  • Optional: Micro SD and Cloud storage

Discover all features

Better security through light and sound

The built-in alarm and floodlight are ready to ward off intruders based on conditions set by you, while two-way audio allows you to communicate with anyone in front of the lens, adding personal control to your security.

View a larger area with pan & tilt

Whether you’re manually scanning the area or setting the camera to monitor automatically, you’ll capture everything thanks to the large pan & tilt range, complemented by motion and sound detection.

Night becomes as clear as day

The advanced night vision provides you with security and peace of mind. It offers colored imaging up to 10 meters away and infrared vision extending to 15 meters, ensuring that darkness is no cover for those that want to remain unseen.

Stay Connected with the Hombli App

Installation is a breeze—mount the bracket, plug in, power up, and connect to your Wi-Fi with the Hombli app. The user-friendly app lets you take full control over the camera. Want to quickly check and see something while away? No worries. Go to the app and see live what is going on wherever you are.

The camera’s intelligent focus keeps the essential in view.

Utilizing motion and sound detection, it activates only when necessary. Human shape tracking technology helps the camera follow anyone stepping onto your property, maintaining your security. (Note: the camera cannot identify a person, it only recognises the human shape.)

Outstanding for outdoor

With it high IP65 rating, the Hombli Pan & Tilt Cam 2k is a perfect outdoor camera. It will withstand severe downpours easily and be your watchful eye when you stay warm and dry inside. However, nothing is holding it back from being used as an indoor camera as well, if you like the form and functions.

Your privacy is our top priority

Your privacy is our top priority. Recorded images get stored safely on an SD card or in the cloud (optional paid service). Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, where standards are extremely high when it comes to privacy regulation. In other words, your data is always encrypted and available for your eyes only.