Smart Bluetooth Bridge

Hub for wireless sensors

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  • BLE 4.2 & 5.0 - Max. Wifi range 50m - Max. Bluetooth range 90m
  • Connect to Hombli Bluetooth Sensors
  • GDPR compliant

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Connect all your Hombli sensors

Hombli sensors are battery powered, this means that you can place them anywhere in your house. Due to the low power Bluetooth connection, the battery will last over a year. In order to control the device, you need to connect these sensors to a Bluetooth Bridge which connects the sensors to a WiFi-network. This Bridge can support all your sensors in your house to create a complete smart home experience.

Control your device from anywhere

You easily control your Hombli device using the Hombli app on your smartphone. Wherever you are and whenever you want.

Your privacy is our top priority

We highly respect your privacy and do everything in our power to protect it. Our Cloud servers are secured by Amazon and located in Frankfurt, Germany, where privacy standards are very high. Your data will always be stored, used, and deleted in accordance with the GDPR directive and is available for your eyes only.


How many Smart Sensors can I connect to one Hombli Bluetooth Bridge?

In total 32 Bluetooth devices can be connected to one Bluetooth Bridge. This amount can be increased by adding another bridge. In total Bluetooth support 128 devices on a single network.

What is the range of the Bluetooth Bridge?

The Bluetooth bridge has a maximum range of 90 meters for all Bluetooth devices. The Wi-Fi range depends on the type of Wi-Fi Router, on average it will be about 50 meters.

Why does the Smart Sensor need a Bluetooth Bridge?

Because the Smart Sensors operate on batteries, a WiFi connection would drain the battery too quickly. The Bluetooth Low Energy consumes almost no energy, because of this the battery of the sensor can last up to one year. To be able to see the status of the device from anywhere on your phone, the sensor needs to be connected to the internet via the Bluetooth bridge.

Is the Bluetooth Bridge waterproof?

No, the Bluetooth Bridge is built with indoor use in mind only.