Smart Robot Vacuum

Enjoy the comfort of a perfectly vacuumed and mopped house when you get home.

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  • LiDAR navigation
  • Suction power 2700 Pa
  • Mopping with flow control (300ml)
  • No-go and no-mopping zones
  • Obstacle crossing height <20mm
  • Anti-drop sensor
  • Replaceable HEPA filter
  • Suitable for all common floor types
  • Cleaning time per battery charge >90 minutes
  • Capacity Home Base 4L
  • Side brush cleans edges efficiently

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Make your life easier

Experience the comfort of a clean house when you come home, without investing time or energy. These boring and time consuming household chores are now in the past! The Hombli Smart Robot Vacuum makes sure every desired part of your house is both dust free and mopped.


Variety of functions

With five different cleaning programs, four different suction power settings, and three levels of water flow for the mopping function available, you can easily set the schedule for your smart vacuum and completely adapt it to your wishes. Thanks to the efficient combination of bristles and silicon flaps the Smart Robot Vacuum easily captures any type of filth. And because of the subtle side brush the smart vacuum also catches filth near the walls of your rooms.


Multifunctional cleaning

Besides a dust-free house the Smart Robot Vacuum also ensures a perfectly mopped floor. Taking both of these boring and time consuming household chores out of your hands.

Sleek design

Due to the sleek and compact design this Smart Robot Vacuum easily moves through your rooms and even underneath your furniture. It can even traverse thresholds of up to 2 centimeter.

LiDAR navigation technology

Due to the build in LiDAR navigation technology, the touch sensor in its bumper and the anti-drop sensor the smart vacuum is able to navigate through the different rooms of your house. This provides the smart vacuum with all the necessary information to create a map of your house in the Hombli app.

Long battery life and easy recharge

The Smart Robot Vacuum has a battery life of 90 minutes, which provides enough time for a complete cleaning job! When the battery runs low the smart vacuum will automatically return to the homebase to recharge and continue an unfinished cleaning run afterwards.


You can easily place and set up the Homebase anywhere on your floor and simply plug it in to the wall socket. The Homebase automatically empties the dustbin of the smart vacuum when it’s connected to the Homebase. The Homebase can contain up to four liters and you can easily replace the dustbag in the Homebase with a new one.


Control with Google, Alexa and Siri

The Smart Robot Vacuum is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts. When at home you can easily give your Smart Robot Vacuum instructions by simply talking to your Smart Home Assistant.


Easy control and scheduling in the user-friendly Hombli app

You can easily add the Smart Robot Vacuum to the Hombli app by connecting it to your WiFi network. The Hombli app allows you to add, save and adjust any area or room in your house. This makes it possible to plan any cleaning schedule that suits your personal agenda and let’s you control the Robot Vacuum from anywhere.

Your privacy is our top priority

We highly respect your privacy and do everything in our power to protect it. Our Cloud servers are secured by Amazon and located in Frankfurt, Germany, where privacy standards are very high. Your data will always be stored, used, and deleted in accordance with the GDPR directive and is available for your eyes only.