Smart Radiator Thermostat

Save energy and come home to a comfortably warm house

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  • Save on heating costs
  • Smart and clear week scheduling
  • Open window and door detection
  • Usage overview
  • Voice control with Google, Alexa and Siri
  • Long battery life
  • Child lock

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Save money with smart radiator knobs.

With the Hombli Smart Radiator Thermostat you’re able to control the temperature per room. As a result, you no longer need to heat your entire house, but only the rooms where you are present. With the easy weekly schedule, you will always come home to a comfortable house and never heat unnecessarily.

Thanks to all the smart energy-saving features of the Hombli Smart Radiator Thermostat, you can save up to 30% on your heating costs. For an average European household, this results in a payback period of 1 to 3 months. After this, the savings really start on your energy bill!

Easy installation

Replace any thermostatic radiator knob in no time with the Hombli Smart Radiator Thermostat. Simply unscrew the fixing of your current thermostat knob and affix the Hombli smart Radiator knob. Additional adapters for Danfoss, Caleffi, Giacomini valves are included, all compatible with most radiator types. Check if your radiator is suitable via: hombli.com/adapter

Control everything in one handy app

All Hombli devices can be added in one handy app, allowing them to work together in a smarter way. For example, automatically turn down the heating, turn off Hombli smart lights and turn on the Hombli Indoor and Outdoor security camera, the moment you leave your home using a Geofencing scenario. Alternatively, place contact sensors on a window or door and set the heating to turn off automatically when they are opened.

Smart weekly schedule

Always come home to a comfortably warm house thanks to the handy weekly schedule. With the Hombli app you can easily raise or lower the temperature per room. You can also apply these settings for several days at once. Are you going away temporarily? Then set the thermostat knob to ‘away’ mode to keep the temperature down and ignore all schedules.

Modern and robust design

The Hombli Smart Radiator Thermostat has a modern and compact design, fitting any interior, even if space is tight. The housing has a metal mounting-ring for extra-strong installation. You can control the temperature via the app, or by turning the knob on the radiator thermostat. The clear display shows the temperature after you change it or after you press the button.

Open window detection

The radiator knob automatically detects if the temperature suddenly drops rapidly due to an open window or door and will temporarily stop heating to avoid wasting energy. You can activate this function for free in the app, and automatically save money on your heating costs.

Insight into your energy consumption

In the app, you can see the set and actual temperature in your home in a clear graph. This graph also shows how many minutes the heating has been on per hour. This allows you to know exactly when you are heating unnecessarily and how much you could save by turning down the temperature. You can also see per day, week, month how often the heating has been on in total, giving you direct insight into the total energy consumption of your heating.

Long battery life

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the two included AA batteries last up to one and a half year. The radiator buttons are connected to the internet via the Hombli Bluetooth Bridge, so you can control them anywhere and anytime via the Hombli app.

Ideal for district or block heating

Does your home or office use district or block heating? With these smart radiator knobs, you can easily set the temperature without manually opening and closing the knobs. The smart radiator knobs are also handy in combination with your own central heating and (smart) room thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature per room.

“Hey Google, lower the temperature in the living room”

This smart radiator thermostat works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts for hands-free voice control. Use your voice to turn off the heating when you go to bed early and effortlessly save energy by heating your home for a shorter period.

Controlling all radiators simultaneously

Do you have several radiators in a room? You can easily link all the smart radiator thermostats together in the Hombli app. After linking, the settings will automatically change on all linked radiator thermostats. So, if you increase the temperature on one radiator knob by turning the knob, the temperature will be adjusted on all linked knobs.

Protect radiators against limescale

If the radiator is left off for a long time, scale and limescale can build up on the inside of the pipes and radiator. This causes the radiator to become less efficient over time. The Smart Radiator has a built-in function to prevent this. It automatically opens the tap for 30 seconds every two weeks.