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How do I connect a Hombli device to my dual-band router?

If your router is broadcasting wifi in 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time, it is still possible to add Hombli devices to your wifi.

As you probably know our devices will only connect to 2.4GHz, and it will try to connect to the frequency your phone is connected to at the time of pairing. If you are close to the router, the 5GHz signal is probably stronger, so your phone will likely connect to that frequency, and will try to add the Hombli device to the same frequency causing the connection between your router and the Hombli device to fail. Possible solutions are:

1. Splitting the frequencies in your router.
By giving the wifi networks your router creates different names, e.g.: “Home wifi 2.4GHz”, and “Home wifi 5GHz”
This can likely be set up in your router, although this is not the case for all routers. Check your router settings, or the manual for the router if this is an option for you.

2. Disabling 5GHz in your router settings.
If there is no 5GHz network, your phone cannot connect to it.

3. Disabling connections to 5GHz in your phone settings.
Some phones have the option to only connect to 2.4GHz networks. That way you are also sure to connect to the right type of network for Hombli devices. After pairing your Hombli device, you can turn this option off again in your phone, so your phone can connect to 5GHz networks again. Check your phone settings, or the manual for your phone if this is an option for you.

4. Connecting to your router on your phone, while being further away from your router
This might sound like a bit of Dark Magic, but it might be the simplest option, no changing of any options required! The difference between 2.4GHz and 5Ghz is that 5Ghz is stronger closer to the router, but 2.4GHz has a further reach. So if you stand further away from your router, your phone will be more likely to choose the 2.4Ghz network.

To summarize: please make sure your phone is connected to your router via a 2.4GHz frequency, before adding a Hombli device.

We hope this helps to explain it clearly for you, but please let us know if any questions remain!

How can I automate the Hombli Smart Switch?

There are three methods to automate a Hombli Smart Switch.

  1. With a Timer
  2. With a Schedule
  3. With an Automatic Scenario

To explain how these methods, work we use the Hombli Smart Socket DUO as an example. In general, the installation processes are the same for the Smart Switch and other Hombli products, but the interface may differ.


To set a timer for your device, you must select the device on the main screen of the app and choose “Timer”. When the timer ends it will change the socket’s mode. If the socket was on when the timer was set, it will turn off when the timer ends. If the socket was off, it will switch on afterward.

  1. Choose “Timer”.

  2. Select the socket for which you want to set a timer.

  3. Set when the timer should end and tap “Confirm”.

2. Schedule

The Hombli Smart Socket can be switched on or off at fixed times by setting up a schedule.

  1. Choose “Schedule”.

  2. Tap “Add” to add a schedule.
  3. On this screen, you can choose at what time the action should take place, what the action is, and how often it should be repeated.

  4. Choose if you want to receive a notification when the task is completed.
  5. After entering all the settings, press “Save” to save the schedule.

3. Automatic Scenario

With an automatic scenario, actions can be automatically executed when certain conditions are met. Conditions can be:

  • A camera that detects movement.
  • A heat sensor that measures a certain temperature.
  • Certain weather conditions
  • Sunrise or sunset

Follow these steps to set up an automatic scenario.

  1. Go to the main screen of the Hombli app and tap “Scenario” at the bottom.

  2. Choose “Automatic” and tap “Add automatic scenario”.

  3. Here you can specify the conditions for the scenario. You can set up an automatic scenario in 3 steps.

    1. Choose the conditions for when the action should be performed.
    2. Choose which actions must be executed.
    3. Name your automatic scenario and personalize it with a color and an image.

I am unable to establish a connection between my network and the Hombli Smart Switch

There are two methods to make a connection between a Hombli device and your home network:

  1. Manual
  2. Auto Scan

1. Manual

  1. Connect your phone to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Please note that 5GHz Wi-Fi networks are not supported.
  2. Tap in the Hombli app on the green plus symbol to add a device.
  3. Choose at the top of the screen for “Add Manually”. This option is selected by default.
  4. Choose your socket in the “Power” category.
  5. Tap on continue when the Hombli Smart Switch repeatedly flashes as shown on the screen.
  6. If the Hombli Smart Switch does not flash as shown on the screen, tap “help” for instructions to reset the switch.

2. Auto Scan

  1. Connect your phone to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Please note that 5GHz Wi-Fi networks are not supported.
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth
  3. Turn on the location services of your phone and give the Hombli app access to your location.
  4. Tap the green plus symbol in the Hombli app to add a device.
  5. Select the top of the screen for an auto scan. The Hombli app will search all available devices and add them.

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