April 14, 2022

Smart Scenarios for your Water Controller

Keep your garden green with the Hombli Smart Water Controller. You can exactly choose on what day, how long and how often you want your garden to be watered. Thanks to the smart irrigation system of the Smart Water Controller your lawn, patio plants, flower beds and hedges stay in top condition. Just attach it to your garden hose, lawn sprinkler or any other sprinkler system, and while you are laying in the garden or on the couch, your water controller is watering the garden.

Because the Water Controller works with the Hombli app, you can do much more besides controlling your water tap from anywhere and monitoring the water usage. By creating smart scenarios in the Hombli app, you can fully automate the Water Controller. In this article we give you some examples of how to automate your Water Controller and use it in diverse ways.

No irrigation during rainfall

Automate the Water Controller to turn off your sprinkler during rainy weather, so you not only won’t waste any water, but you can also ensure your plants and flowers will not get immoderate amounts of water. Based on the forecast, the set water programs can be paused, and will automatically be continued after a maximum of three days.

Hot summer cooldown

What better way to cool off during the summer, than with a water sprinkler? Or attach the Smart Water Controller to a garden shower and refresh yourself when you are heating up. You can even ask your favorite voice assistant to turn it on for you, before you go outside.

Deter any intruders

A Smart Water Controller can be a great way to keep any uninvited guests out of your garden. Think of cats that might poop in your flowerbeds, storks that steal your precious carpers or foxes that would like to get into your chicken coop. Automatically spray them with a bit of water, and they might think twice of invading your backyard again.

Filling up the hot tub

Do you own a hot tub, jacuzzi or a pool? At some point you would need to refill either of those with fresh water. Create a schedule to make sure you don’t fill up the tub with too much water. Afterwards you can monitor how much water you have been using.

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