December 13, 2021

How to create the perfect cozy Christmas ambiance, the Smart way

In these darker and colder days, we all long for a little warmth. This Winter Holiday season would be the perfect time to not only create the ambiance we desperately need, but make it smart as well! While there are many possibilities, indoor and outdoor, we want to offer you a few ideas to craft your perfect Smart Home setup, ready in time for the holidays!


Automate your Christmas lights

Turn on your Christmas lights automatically when it gets dark by connecting it to a smart socket.

After sunset

Warm lighting

Enjoy your Holiday dinners to fullest, with the warm light of our Smart Filament range that turn on automatically when you come home.

Convenient lighting

Never walk in the dark again and save energy with smart outdoor lights that turn on when the outdoor camera detects motion.

Outdoor lights

Turn off the lights in your Christmas tree outside automatically using a smart outdoor socket, so you don’t have to face the cold.

Christmas colors

Easily change the ambiance in your house by talking to your voice assistant.

Ok Alexa*,
Christmas mode!

*or Google and Siri, whoever you like the most 😉


Get all of these products and more for a special Winter Holiday price at our online store! In case you already own these products and need some in help to create these automated processes, you can check out our blogposts on setting up a Smart Scenario in a  Step-by-Step Guide. Happy Holidays!