April 6, 2021

Stream Hombli Smart Doorbell 2 to Google Nest Hub: 3 ultimate benefits

Ding dong! See who’s knocking on your door without opening it. In razor-sharp images. Not just on your smartphone, but on the 7-inch touchscreen of your Google Nest Hub. The smooth teamwork between the newest Hombli Smart Doorbell 2 and Google Nest Hub comes with 3 benefits that instantly make your life easier.

1. Get notified and view live HD video images from your doorbell

Google Nest Hub smart speakers

Imagine the doorbell rings while you are upstairs watching an episode from your favorite series. Your Google Nest Hub pops on and Google Assistant tells you there’s someone in front of your door. After asking Google to show the Hombli Doorbell, you immediately see it’s the package deliverer with sharp HD video images that are streamed right from the doorbell. If it wasn’t for Google Assistant, you wouldn’t have noticed – and would have missed your precious package.

But what if it’s not the package deliverer. We’ve all experienced it: a strange figure standing in front of our door. In that case, you might want to save your images, just to be sure. The Smart Doorbell 2 can be used in combination with a free Micro SD card (maximum capacity 128GB) so you can watch your recordings whenever you want.

2. Your voice is a powerful tool

And the only one you need. Use nothing but your voice to stream live images from the doorbell to the screen of your Nest hub. Speak the words “Hey Google, show me the Hombli Smart Doorbell 2” and the magic is done. Or change the name of the doorbell to something shorter. Just “doorbell” of “front door” would do. Feel free to choose whatever name you want.

Voice control with Google Nest Hub

3. No permission needed

Previously, with the first version of our Smart Doorbell, you needed to request Hombli for an extra feature to connect your smart doorbell to devices from Google. But that’s in the past. Now you can connect your doorbell 2 to the Google Nest Hub as soon as it is installed. No need to apply for anything.

Excited? Learn more about our new and improved Smart Doorbell 2 here.