October 22, 2021

Automate your house with Smart sensors

Smart sensors are a great way to create a complete smart home experience. Because they are small and wireless, you can place or hang them anywhere in you want. With the Hombli app you can always check the status of the sensors. This is great if you want to check if all windows are closed before leaving home or if you want to see if there is movement in your house.

Explore the possibilities

You can do much more with smart sensors than just getting notifications. With smart scenarios you can for instance also control other smart devices or manage when the sensors should be active. In this article we give some examples of the possibilities.

Night alarm

Get notified if someone enters your house in the night.

After 0:00
Motion detection

Get a notification

Away mode

Turn security notifications only on when you are not at home.

Leaving house
Window open

Get a notification

Convenient lighting

Never walk in the dark again and save energy.

After sunset
Motion detected

Turn lights on

Walk-in closet

Turn the lights automatically on when you open the door.

Door open

Turn Smart Spot on

Rain reminder

Get a notification when a window is open when it’s raining.


Window open


Fridge Door

Never leave the fridge open by accident.

Fridge open

Wait 20s


New mail

Place the contactsensor on the mailbox to get notified on new post.

Mailbox open

Get a notification


Place the contactsensor a reclining chair and automatically change the mood when you are relaxing.

Chair down

Change color LED strip

Get started

Do you already own Smart sensors? Then you can implement you own smart scenarios in the Hombli app! Read our blogpost about setting up smart scenarios if you want more information on how to add these scenarios: How to Make Smart Scenarios: A Step-by-Step Guide – Hombli

Discover Hombli Smart Sensors


Contact sensor
Compact design
Long battery use
Mount with included tape


Motion sensor
Works in the dark
Long battery use
Mount with included tape


Hub for wireless sensors
BLE 4.2 & 5.0
Wifi range 50m
Bluetooth range 90m