October 15, 2020

10 Reasons Why You Should Make Your House a Smart Home With Hombli

Do you want to transform your house into a smart home? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With Hombli, turning your house into a smart home becomes fun and easy. Use one app to control your home, set schedules for your light bulbs, turn on your TV from a different room… Honestly, this list can go on forever. Here are 10 reasons why you want to make your home smart with Hombli.

1. Easy to use

Hombli offers you a user-friendly and simple solution for creating a smart home. All our products are easy to install and even easier to use. All you need is one single app – Hombli (and it’s free!). Within seconds you connect your smart lights, smart sockets, and other Hombli devices are to your wifi-network (2.4Ghz). Additional accessories such as a bridge or hub are not needed. And extensive manuals? You may leave them out as well. We bet – or at least hope – that even your (grand)parents know how to use our products. But no worries. If you still need extra instructions (or just feel more comfortable reading them) you can check our extensive FAQ page or watch one of our many instruction videos.

2. One app, full control

As we already mentioned above, you only need one app to successfully use our smart home products. Our Hombli app is designed in a simple way, without unnecessary extras, to make sure it’s accessible for everyone. You can manage your devices completely wireless and from every location. Which means you don’t have to get off the couch anymore to dim your smart lights. And with one single look on your smartphone, you can see immediately who pressed on your smart doorbell. The app is available for iOS and Android. Want to know more about the Hombli app and where to download it? Check it here.

Control Hombli devices with the Hombli app

3. Compatible with other smart home brands

Do you have smart home products from other brands too? No problem. Let them easily connect with your Hombli devices via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. These are well-known smart home platforms that you probably heard of before. Add your Hombli device, such as your smart bulb, to the Google Home or Alexa app where your Philips smart lighting (or other brands) is also connected to. Then turn all the lights on at the same time. As soft or bright as you want. For instance at 7 in the morning on a weekday, so you wake up peacefully and relaxed.

4. Enough choice

It’s possible, but definitely not necessary to let your Hombli devices work together with other brands. We offer a wide range of products. Our most well-known products at the moment are smart plugs, smart bulbs, security cameras, and a smart doorbell. In other words: with Hombli you can turn your whole house smart. Sounds good, right? Ultimately we have the ambition to expand our product range. Step by step. This way we are not only here for you now, but also in the future. A future in which every home is completely smart is what we aim for. With Hombli as your favorite smart home solution.

Broad smart home portfolio

5. Affordable smart home everyone

Our price should not be a show-stopper. That’s very important to us. Everyone should be able to enjoy the countless benefits our smart home devices have to offer. Including students who want to turn their home into a cozy place with colored smart lighting. Or the single old-aged neighbor who wants to be able to check through a smart outdoor camera who’s outside her front door. We make this possible by keeping our prices budget-friendly and affordable for everyone. Without compromising on quality, of course.

6. Control from anywhere

You control your devices with your smartphone from anywhere. In the office, during a walk around the corner, and even when you’re abroad. While on holiday you can for example set a timer to turn your lights on in the evening. This way you’ll scare off potential burglars. Do you have a smart doorbell? As soon as someone rings the bell you see immediately who’s in front of your door. Even when you’re sipping a cocktail on the beach.

7. Set smart scenarios

We’ve got two useful features to set up so-called smart scenarios. The first one is a manual function (called ‘shortcut’ in the app) and you can use it to control multiple Hombli devices at the same time, like a couple of Hombli smart bulbs in your bedroom and living room. The ‘automatic’ version of the smart scenario function allows you to set a preferred time for your devices to turn on. Choose for example the ‘sunrise’ scenario. Pick a certain color, brightness, and set the preferred time you want your smart lights activated. Or choose a smart scenario for an exciting movie night. Through your smart socket, your TV turns on automatically, while the lights slowly transform from soft white to cinema red. Popcorn, anyone?

8. We protect your privacy

We do everything in our power to make sure your smart home experience is a great one. Your sense of safety is our first concern. That’s why our products regularly undergo security tests. We work together with servers in Europe instead of China, in contrast to most other smart home brands. Privacy legislation in Europe is more strict and here your user-data is always anonymized and protected. Which is comforting to know.

9. Use voice control

Can’t find your smartphone? Or just don’t feel like grabbing it? We have a better option for you. By linking your smart camera, light bulb, or other Hombli devices to Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, you control your products with nothing less (or more?) than your voice. You can make use of hands-free voice commands such as:

“Hey Google, dim the lights in the living room”.

“Hey Alexa, turn on the smart socket”

Feel free to try different commands and orders. There might be more possibilities than you think. Read more about voice control in this blog.

10. We make smart home fun

Besides providing easy, safe, and reliable products, we want to show you that turning your house into a smart home with Hombli has one extra benefit: it’s actually a lot of fun. We offer packs – cheaper than buying individual products – that allow you to create a unique smart home experience in a playful way. For example, take your movie or game night to the next level with the Hombli Smart Entertainment Pack. Or start your day relaxed and easy with the Hombli Smart Morning Pack. This is one of our ways how we try to become the most user-friendly smart home brand there is. Together we make it fun!

That’s it. Our top 10 for choosing Hombli as your favorite smart home brand. Feel free to share your feedback, ask questions, or hit us up with a good idea for our products. We’re happy to help and are always open to suggestions. Please contact us through our contact form.  We would love to hear from you!