Smart Security Camera To Secure Your Home

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hombli indoor smart security camera

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera

  • Full HD 1080p video recording
  • 130 ° viewing angle
  • Watch live videos on your phone
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Infrared night vision
  • Local storage via MicroSD or (paid) Cloud storage
easy installation smart camera

Watch Everything. Anywhere.

Set the perfect viewing angle with the flexible stand. Simply mount the indoor security camera to any flat surface like a shelf or closet. You can even stick the camera on a wall with the included double-sided 3M tape!

receive instant notifications when the smart security camera detects motion

Motion Detection

Receive notifications instantly on your smartphone when the smart security camera detects motion. A screenshot is included so you immediately see what’s going on.

Control the smart security camera from anywhere

"Hey Google!"

Whether you’re at home or away, you can control, monitor and schedule the smart indoor camera from anywhere in the world using the Hombli app on your smartphone.

smart security camera with 2-way audio

Watch, Listen and Talk...

Watch live video streams from the smart camera on your smartphone.

2-way audio with built-in speaker and microphone allows you to communicate directly with whoever is in front of the smart camera.

security camera that works with google assitant, amazon alexa, ifttt and tuya

"Hey Google!"

The smart security camera works with smart home integrations like the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri for hands-free voice control.

control multiple devices at once with hombli smart life app

Smart Scenarios

Set up the smart security camera to automatically operate to specific conditions like time or custom actions.

Simply combine multiple smart home devices to create scenarios, and control them with a single tap or voice command.

Never Miss a Moment With Cloud Storage

With a Hombli Cloud Storage subscription you never have to worry about whether you have enough storage to record events. View event recordings from the past 7 days and never miss a moment. Upgrade your device with a subscription at just €3.49 per month!

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How can I stream videos from my camera to Google Nest Hub, Chromecast device or Echo Show?

To stream video footage from the Smart Indoor Camera to third party services from Google or Amazon, you need to share your device ID with us to gain access to this service. This way we can manually set up this feature for your device. Click here for instructions on finding your Device ID or immediately share it here.  

How do I install the Hombli Smart Indoor Camera?

Watch in this video how you can install the Hombli Smart Indoor Camera.

Does this device supports cloud storage?

Yes! With a Hombli Cloud Storage subscription, you can view event recordings from the past 7 days in the Hombli app. You can add a subscription to your device directly in the app. Subscriptions start at just €3.49 per month! Learn more about Hombli Cloud Storage

Is the data on the microSD card encrypted?

Yes, your privacy is our top priority. The video footages are therefore only visible through the Hombli app, when the memory card is in the camera. It is not possible to view the footage from the memory card on a computer. It is possible to export images to the internal storage of your phone and those images can of course freely be shared with other devices.

Is it possible to adjust the recording to a limited zone or does it record everything within a fixed zone?

It is currently not yet possible to set specific areas to record, but we are constantly improving the Hombli app with new features. It is possible to set the motion detection sensitivity on: Off, Low, Medium and High.

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