About the Hombli App

hombli app features

Full Control With The Hombli App

The free Hombli app allows you to easily install, control, and automate your Hombli smart devices using your smartphone. Whether you just want to use your smartphone as a remote control, set up timers for appliances and electronics, or want to build home automation, it’s easy to set up with the Hombli app!

Free download the Hombli app from the App Store and Google Play.

install devices quick and easy with hombli smart life app

Installation Within Seconds

Select in the Hombli app which device you want to install, and follow the instructions to connect directly to your WiFi network. Hombli doesn’t require an additional bridge or hub!

Control From Anywhere

Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on vacation, you can remotely control your smart devices from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

control multiple devices at once with hombli smart life app

Smart Scenario Control

With the Manual Scenario feature you can combine multiple smart devices, and control them all at once. Activate scenarios with just a single tap or voice command.

easy home automation with the hombli smart life app

Easy Home Automation

The user-friendly app interface makes it easy to set up home automation. Let your devices operate automatically to conditions like: time, sunset/sunrise, weather, temperature, humidity or in response to other devices.

pair the hombli smart life app to google home or amazon echo for hands-free voice control

Voice Control Your Home

Control Hombli smart devices hands-free using convenient voice commands. The Hombli app is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

share control over your hombli devices through the smart life app

Sharing Controls

Share control of your smart devices among family and friends so they can control them with their own smartphone.

Hombli allows a privacy compliant smart home experience

Safe and Secure

The Hombli app runs on the safe and secure Tuya Smart IoT Platform to ensure a safe and private smart home experience. Your data is always encrypted and fully anonymized and is never shared with third parties.