May 18, 2022

Tips to help you prepare for the summer season

The pleasant warmth from the sun is already reaching your house, and before you can relax and enjoy the nature in your garden, you might need to do some maintenance. We want to give you some tips and simple steps to help you get started in your garden. These tips and smart automations will make sure you can enjoy your coffee in the morning, while smart devices from Hombli transform your backyard into a fairy garden.

Let’s take a look at the first steps you need to take after a cold winter:

Prepare your garden tools

Clean your metal equipment, such as spades and rakes with a brush and remove rust and dirt, as this can cause diseases in your plants. Also, don’t forget to oil your garden equipment to keep them working properly. It is a good idea to check the batteries of your electric equipment a day before you want to get started in your garden, in order to not have to stop and wait when for them to charge up while you had planned to be working in the garden. Tip: connect the chargers in your shed to a smart (outdoor) socket, to monitor their power consumption, and prevent standby consumption by automatically turning them off when the battery is fully charged.

Keep your garden green

Plants and flowers need regular attention to keep them in top condition. Make it a standard routine to check every week if your plants need any maintenance. Regularly mow the lawn, and water all plants. For better irrigation, you can install water sprinkler or drip hose so the water is distributed evenly over all plants. The best time to water your garden is during the morning or evening. Prevent overflowing your plants with too much water, but give them small doses of water over a longer time. This can easily be done with a Smart Water Controller, this device will make sure that your garden is watered routinely so it will keep looking green, and crisp during the summer. 

Turn water fountains back on

Do you have a water fountain or pond in your garden? To prevent frost damage, it is advised to turn the water pump off during the winter. Now is the time to turn them back on again; first make sure that the filters are free of any leaves and clean it with a brush or water hose. Connect the fountain pump to a smart outdoor socket to automatically turn it off every night.

Prepare a chill zone

During warm days, the garden is everyone’s favourite place to relax with friends and family. Make sure you can invite everyone in your garden for a nice barbeque, or evening drink, by cleaning your garden furniture and checking if they are immaculate.  Additionally, check if the outdoor lights are all still in working order. Create an intimate space with our Smart String Light and other smart lights that can easily be turned on with your phone.

Set up the swimming pool

Spring is the perfect time to set up the pool in your backyard. Occasionally we experience hot days early in the year, and it is nice to have the pool set up for you, and your kids; so they can enjoy a refreshing swim, whenever the temperature is right. Filling the Pool with water can take some time, install a Smart Water Controller to your hose to prevent the water overflowing. When you treat your pool well, it can last all summer; test the water often, and install a good water filter. Using a smart outdoor socket, you can automate the water pump so it will filter the water every day.

Spend more time on alternative tasks, as the smart devices from Hombli will take care of your homes charm and safety.